Henry Cavill Will Reportedly Get To Wear Superman’s Silver Suit In The DCEU

Henry Cavill in Man of Steel

DC fans recently learned that Henry Cavill’s Superman is likely to be part of the DCEU for the long haul, with the latest reports suggesting he’s agreed to a contract that’ll keep him in the interconnected universe for years to come. One of the upcoming movies he’s been tipped to feature in is the live-action Batman Beyond and details about his role in it are beginning to emerge.

According to our sources – the same ones that told us Percy Jackson was being rebooted as a streaming show and that a Green Lantern series is headed to HBO Max, both of which turned out to be true – the futuristic pic will see Cavill’s Man of Steel don the silver costume worn by his counterpart in the Batman Beyond animated series. Naturally, this will be an aged version of Supes who has been serving as a close ally to Bruce Wayne in this particular timeline.

It’s no secret that DC and Warner Bros. are courting Michael Keaton to reprise his role as Wayne for several upcoming movies, and reports suggest that his character will call on Superman for help when moulding Terry McGinnis into his Batman successor. It’s unclear how much screentime this would mean for Cavill, though it’s been rumored that his new DC contract is limited to cameos only.

Of course, DC has already laid some groundwork for a multiverse housing its TV and movie universes with the Arrowverse’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event, and the studio is likely to flesh out this concept with 2022’s The Flash, which is expected to adapt the Flashpoint comic book storyline and reintroduce Keaton to the cape and cowl.

In any case, it’ll certainly be interesting to see two generations of movie superheroes being thrown into the mix together. After all, DC has made more than its fair share of mistakes with the DCEU, but these plans for an all-encompassing multiverse are hugely ambitious and worth getting excited about.

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