Here’s How Norman Reedus Could Look As The MCU’s Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider

Sooner or later, Ghost Rider will be making his way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that much we can guarantee. As to what form he’ll take or who ends up playing the role? Well, that’s an entirely different question with a much murkier answer, based on the sheer volume of rumor and speculation to have made the rounds.

When it comes to Johnny Blaze, fans are finding their loyalties split between Keanu Reeves and Norman Reedus, two actors to have regularly been linked with the role over the last couple of years, and The Walking Dead star even admitted that he’d love the opportunity to have his head set on fire in a metaphorical sense were the opportunity to present itself.

On top of that, we’ve also heard chatter about female Ghost Rider Alejandra Jones potentially making her way into the live-action realm, while a recent report claimed that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Gabriel Luna would get the chance to make up for his planned Hulu series getting canned by returning as Robbie Reyes. That’s four actors, three Ghost Riders, and still no confirmation.

However, new fan art from Mizuri has now imagined how Reedus could turn out as the MCU’s Spirit of Vengeance, and he certainly looks the part, as you can see below.

The main issue with Reeves and Reedus is that both stars are already well into their 50s, and you’d have to imagine Marvel would be looking to cast Ghost Rider much younger to ensure that whoever ends up signing on can stick around for the longest possible time and appear in the largest number of projects. Luna is only 38, and with the multiverse now in play, he might have the best shot.