Here’s Why The Joker Origin Film Is A Really, Really Bad Idea


Sheesh. It’s like DC is the gift that keeps on gifting. Not only does it feel like there’s a new DCEU film announcement every other week, but now the latest report is that there will be a standalone Joker movie, produced by Martin Scorsese and written by Todd Phillips, no less. This Clown Prince of Crime solo outing won’t involve Jared Leto, however, as it’ll explore the origins of a much younger Mr. J in a gritty, crime drama. But this doesn’t mean that Leto has hung up the purple coat, though, as he’s purportedly still signed on for Gotham City Sirens and Suicide Squad 2. Wait, what?

Did Barry just go back in time and screw up everything again? Seriously, this sounds almost too outrageous to be true, as if someone from Reddit pulled the troll of the month on all of us. That said, it was Deadline that broke the news, and the site is renowned for being a reputable source when it comes to these things, so it’s most likely to be true.

While the Internet loses its collective mind to this latest rumor, we have to play the devil’s advocate here and tell you it’s a really, really bad idea (see what we did there?). Of course, you’re welcome to disagree or agree with us on this, just as long as you leave your thoughts and outrage in the comments section.

So, before all this chit-chat gets us hurt, let’s have a look at why the prospect of a Joker origin film is not as good as it sounds.