Here’s What Pierce Brosnan Would Look Like As Cable In Deadpool 2


Despite the astounding success of the first film, Deadpool 2 hasn’t had the easiest time getting off the ground. A few months back, we heard about the shocking departure of director Tim Miller followed by composer Junkie XL. There were also rumors of trouble behind the scenes with the creative team. Thankfully, those problems were put to rest quite quickly and after John Wick co-director David Leitch was brought on board, everything seemed to get back on track.

Now, 20th Century Fox is busy putting together the supporting cast, which includes finding someone for the role of Cable. Numerous actors have been linked to the part in recent months but we still haven’t heard anything official. That hasn’t stopped Ryan Reynolds from offering up a few teases, though.

Just yesterday, he took to social media to post a photo with Hugh Jackman and former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan. It was hardly a confirmation of anything, but it did send fans into overdrive thinking that the actor may be playing Cable in the upcoming sequel.


While opinion seems to be split on whether or not he’d be a good fit for the role, we can definitely say that Brosnan looks the part. Or at least, he could look the part if the producers choose to go with the design that artist Boss Logic has drawn up for him below. It’s a great mock-up of what we might eventually see in the film and though Brosnan may have absolutely nothing to do with Deadpool 2, the fan art we have here definitely makes it easy to imagine him as Cable. Not to mention that his no-nonsense attitude, which we’ve seen in countless performances, could make for the perfect straight man to the titular hero’s mischievous personality.

From what we’ve heard, Deadpool 2 will head into production this June, so we should get an official casting announcement in regards to Cable in the next few months. Whether it’s Brosnan or someone else entirely, we’re confident that the studio will get it right. There’s a lot of pressure riding on this sequel to live up to its predecessor, but something tells us it shouldn’t have any trouble at all in delivering another wildly entertaining adventure for the Merc with a Mouth.

Until we hear more on the casting of Cable, take a look at the fan art below and let us know if you want to see Pierce Brosnan in the role.