16 Funny Messages You May Have Missed In The End Credits


16) Killer Tomatoes Eat France (1991)


As the third (!?) entry in the Killer Tomatoes franchise, Killer Tomatoes Eat France may not be the highest quality film ever made about tomatoes… that kill, but it should have a special place in the hearts of audiences everywhere just for the hilarious messages hidden in the credits.

It turns out that the film “was shot entirely on location in France, except for bits that were filmed elsewhere.” Good to know. Also, Killer Tomatoes Eat France is ASPCT Approved, so “no tomatoes were mistreated or injured during production of this motion picture, except those who deserved it.”

Presumably, that would be all of them then, but has anyone actually seen this movie to confirm that? Perhaps some of the tomatoes are just misunderstood…

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