High concept sci-fi novels ‘Bot Wars’ getting a blockbuster adaptation

Bot Wars

Blockbuster sci-fi has proven to be one of the most reliably popular genres in Hollywood ever since George Lucas’ Star Wars changed cinema forever back in 1977, with many titles capable of hitting big at the box office based on little more than a sky high concept and plenty of splashy, effects-driven visuals.

Freshly-founded company Luminosity Entertainment will be hoping that they can get in on that action, after Deadline revealed the outfit is partnering up with Altit Media Group and K.Jam Media to fund and produce Bot Wars, which is being set up as a major tentpole release.

Bot Wars

Alexander Kiesl and Steffen Hacker have signed on to direct the adaptation of J.V. Kade’s literary series, which is presumably being designed as the first installment in a potential franchise. The novels tell the story of how mankind was almost rendered extinct by a war against an all-powerful artificial intelligence and sentient robots, with the human race forsaking technology and using its more primal instincts to survive and turn the tide.

That’s a solid premise, and Luminosity are looking to make an instant splash having only been formed earlier this year. Its first film is raucous R-rated comedy Back on the Strip starring Wesley Snipes and Tiffany Haddish, with Bot Wars signalling an almost instant move into big budget territory.