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Horror fans unsurprisingly aghast at one of the most controversial movies ever made

This one still leaves us unsettled.

A Serbian Film
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From The Silence of the Lambs’ Hannibal Lecter’s blood-curdling suction noises to Dr. Josef Heiter’s warped creature creation in The Human Centipede, controversy is certainly a given in the realm of cinematic horror. And considering a plethora of films in the mammoth horror genre are gore-fest flicks layered with unfathomable sequences, it’s not a surprise that movie buffs purposely pick them apart — which includes 2010’s A Serbian Film.

Since its release over a decade ago, Srđan Spasojević’s feature film debut has been dubbed as an excessive and unnecessary “torture porn” flick that seemingly tarnished the appeal of the horror genre for many years. As a result, those similar sentiments are being expressed by user u/LiquidPenChamber1019 on the r/horror subreddit. In their initial post, LiquidPenChamber1019 claimed that the film pushed them “beyond” their overall comfort level and found the entire movie to be “sickening” for its face value.

Unsurprisingly, a slew of Reddit users were quick to side with the OP and criticize the horror film’s general unease throughout — with one user vowing to never sit through a viewing of the movie again.

Another user expressed regret for watching the film and insisted that it made them feel “bad” inside after.

Another user skipped an in-depth analysis of the movie and blatantly called it out for what it truly is: disturbing.

While most threads on Reddit are typically split down the middle as far as reactions are concerned, the consensus of A Serbian Film is collectively saturated with a feeling of unease. Luckily for horror fans, a sequel was never made — and hopefully never will be.

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