Horror Fans Are Going Wild For New Halloween Kills Trailer


An entire year behind schedule, and the marketing campaign for Halloween Kills has finally kicked off, following the release of the first full-length trailer. There are high hopes attached to the second chapter in the trilogy crafted by the unlikely duo of David Gordon Green and Danny McBride, after 2018’s sequel/reboot hybrid was lauded as the best entry in the long-running franchise since John Carpenter’s classic original, and earned the most money at the box office by far.

All of the key members of the creative team have been teasing that the Halloween Kills body count is going to be substantially higher than that of its predecessor, and it looks like they were underselling it a little bit based on the footage. Michael Myers murders about twice as many people in the two-minute promo that he did during the entirety of the first installment, as the iconic slasher villain continues his rampage of revenge.

It’s a fantastic trailer that packs plenty of punch, hinting at the direction of the plot while expanding the mythology even further, and you can check out the reactions that horror fans had to the Halloween Kills footage below.

If you thought Jamie Lee Curtis was back in badass mode as Laurie Strode the last time around, then you clearly ain’t seen nothing yet. The legendary scream queen is back with a vengeance, rallying the troops to hunt down Michael as he slices, dices, strangles and bludgeons his way through Haddonfield.

Of course, fans of the series will already know that Halloween Ends is coming in October 2022 so the narrative is hardly going to be tied up in a neat bow before the credits roll, but Halloween Kills is poised to deliver exactly what audiences want to see.