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Horror icon Stephen King was nearly arrested at a book signing

Stephen King talked about how he was nearly arrested at a book sign while discussing how men should write women characters.

Stephen King, author of over 60 books and basis for countless movie and TV adaptations talks about how he was nearly arrested — at a book signing.

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While at a book signing in the remote and rural city of Alice Springs in central Australia, Stephen King was nearly arrested by local police, as he explains on Twitter.

Stephen King’s best-known books include The Shining, It, Carrie… honestly the list is endless. His impact on pop culture is tremendous and you’ll be shocked how many of his books you know but didn’t know were made by him – likewise with how many adaptations of his works there have been.

The thread began when King had tweeted about how men should write women (a topic that male writers continue to struggle with). A fan had asked him about this legend of famed writer Stephen King being arrested — and it’s true!

It’s very funny that a bookstore owner would not know who Stephen King is, or not be able to recognize him. King has such a remarkable face alone that you don’t even need to check his name!

King confirmed the story in a quote tweet, and again you’re left wondering how a bookstore owner could not recognize him.

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