Hugh Jackman Can’t Wait To See What Marvel Does With The X-Men


With last year’s Logan, Hugh Jackman finally hung up the claws and ended his decade-spanning run as Wolverine. But for the wider X-Men franchise, the real end-of-an-era moment may still be to come, with Marvel Studios soon to take over the property in the wake of the Disney/Fox deal.

Naturally, the mutant saga will be handled by producer Kevin Feige, arguably the person most responsible for making the MCU into the pop culture juggernaut it is today. Before all that, Feige even worked with Jackman as associate producer on the original 2000 X-Men, and from the sound of things, the Australian actor couldn’t be happier with the man’s involvement in this next phase for the franchise.

In an interview with MTV News, Jackman was asked if he’s curious to see what X-Men will be like under Feige’s supervision, to which he replied “100%.” The star went on recall how Feige gave him advice on which comics he should read in order to learn about Wolverine, and offered to drive him to the airport for his first audition in the role, despite Jackman doubting his chances of getting the part.

He then praised Feige for his geektacular office, featuring “wall to wall comic books” and about “600 figurines of different characters,” before once more commending the producer for his passion.

“We’ve stayed friends ever since,” Jackman shared. “And nothing makes me happier to know that someone who is purely creative, purely a lover of the legacy of those comic books is this successful.”

Though the actor may have left his Wolverine days behind him, Jackman mentioned in the same interview that he’d be open to playing another superhero, be it with Marvel or with DC. It’ll probably be a while before that tease ever transitions into an actual casting announcement, but in the meantime, the star has already given his blessing for someone else to assume the role of Logan.

Given how many years we saw Jackman in the part for, that’s a change that may take some getting used to, but with a full franchise reboot seemingly on the horizon, X-Men fans shouldn’t expect much to stay the same in these next few years.