Hugh Jackman Reportedly Unsure About Wolverine Return For 2 Reasons

Logan Wolverine
Image via 20th Century Fox

By all accounts, Hugh Jackman appears to be one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, unless he’s mercilessly trolling Ryan Reynolds of course, so the actor will be fully at peace in knowing that for the rest of his career, any interview he does regarding any of his upcoming projects is inevitably going to circle back around to Wolverine at some point.

After all, arguably only Robert Downey Jr.’s run as Tony Stark can match Jackman’s Logan as the single most beloved and iconic string of performances in the history of the superhero genre, and both stars have constantly found themselves being linked with returns in various Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and Disney Plus exclusives over the last couple of years, despite each man having gracefully bowed out of their respective roles.

Over the last few days, there’s been an avalanche of speculation regarding the X-Men’s resident grizzled badass, some of which has involved Jackman, and some of which hasn’t. The Hugh-centric stories have largely come from tipster Mikey Sutton, who reported that Kevin Feige was making one last play to entice the Van Helsing star to return, as well as touting a Deadpool sequel as another potential destination that would also bring Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury along for the ride.

Sutton points out that there are two very good reasons why he isn’t going to end his self-imposed retirement on a whim, though. The first is that Logan is regarded as one of the greatest comic book adaptations ever made, one that sent the old gunslinger out in suitably epic fashion, and he wouldn’t want to diminish that, while the other is the torturous process of getting into Wolverine shape at the age of 52 and counting. The multiverse has opened infinite doors in the MCU, no doubt, but we’ll just have to wait and see if Jackman chooses to walk through any of them.