Samuel L. Jackson And Hugh Jackman Rumored For Future Deadpool Movie


Ryan Reynolds revealed a few months back that if Deadpool 3 had happened at Fox, it would have been a road trip buddy comedy inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s 1950 classic Rashomon, which hinges on the same event being retold from multiple different eyewitness perspectives, making the audience draw their own conclusion as to what constitutes the truth.

It’s a hell of a pitch for an R-rated superhero sequel, especially one that would have finally teamed Reynolds up with Hugh Jackman, something fans have been desperate to see for years if the response to their ongoing social media feud is any indication. Deadpool 3 is currently in development at Marvel Studios and will no doubt arrive in very different form, but tipster Mikey Sutton is now reporting that one of the Merc with a Mouth’s Marvel Cinematic Universe sequels is looking to deliver the ultimate buddy romp by roping in not just Jackman’s Wolverine, but Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury as well.

There’s been an uptick in speculation swirling around the adamantium-infused mutant over the last few days, and as The Hitman’s Bodyguard and the first trailer for its upcoming sequel made perfectly clear, there’s still plenty of mileage in the bickering chemistry between Reynolds and Jackson. Thrown in an eye patch and some red spandex and it’s basically a license to print money.

Sutton claims his sources have described the idea as ‘Three Amigos on steroids,’ which gives you an indication of the tone the project would be aiming for. Deadpool 3 is miles away, though, so it’s hard to try and get a real handle on the ifs, buts and maybes surrounding Jackman’s theoretical return in movies beyond that. Still, it’s definitely got the potential to be something spectacular.