Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Will Reportedly Be From The Multiverse If He Returns

The Wolverine

Marvel is set to reboot Wolverine within the MCU, but in an ideal world, we’d have Hugh Jackman returning to his most iconic role. The Australian star has said, though, that he’d be reluctant to do so after 2017’s Logan wrapped up his tenure as the character so perfectly. Even if he would love to recreate the Wolverine/Hulk showdown from the comics.

But there’s no way Jackman would come back to the part, right? Well, maybe there is. Geekosity is reporting that Marvel isn’t giving up hope of getting him to return just yet and they’re attempting to talk him round into agreeing to at least one more appearance. The actor is concerned, however, that Logan will be “diminished” if the adamantium mutant is resurrected after his death in that movie.

But Marvel has an ace up their sleeve that could convince him, as if he did return, Jackman wouldn’t be playing the same Wolverine, he’d be portraying an alternate version from elsewhere in the multiverse. This way it allows for him to reprise the part but also leaves Logan, and its moving farewell to the Fox version of the character, “untouched.” And it seems that this has given Jackman pause for thought.

According to Geekosity, he’s now saying that he wants to see a script and if what Marvel has planned for Logan feels “right” to him – and they’re also able to come to terms on the money side of things – then the star may well agree to suit up. As for which project he could theoretically feature in, the two options are apparently either a future Deadpool movie (but not DP3) or Secret Wars. 

Again, Hugh Jackman isn’t said to be signing along the dotted line or anything. He just wants to see something concrete before he makes his final decision. But the option is there and the Wolverine may live again.