Hulk Hogan Reacts To Chris Hemsworth’s Jacked Thor: Love And Thunder Look

Chris Hemsworth

We haven’t heard an awful lot of official news regarding the project since it was first announced in February 2019, but Chris Hemsworth did confirm last summer that he’s still set to play Hulk Hogan in a biopic charting the wrestler’s rise to the top of the industry, which cemented him as a 1980s pop culture phenomenon in the process.

Both the actor and his trainer admitted that he’d be packing on more muscle than ever before to embody the perma-tanned grappler born Terry Bollea, which is a terrifying prospect if the reactions to his recent behind the scenes photo celebrating the end of production on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Thor: Love and Thunder are any indication.

Indeed, fans went wild at Hemsworth’s bulging biceps, and Hogan clearly supports the idea of the star playing him in a movie after praising the 37 year-old’s guns, and not for the first time, either, as you can see below.

Even with Thor: Love and Thunder and Netflix sci-fi Escape from Spiderhead in the can, it could be a while before the Hulk Hogan biopic gets moving, looking at the leading man’s schedule. Extraction director Sam Hargrave confirmed that the sequel to the smash hit actioner is set to start filming this fall, while there’s also the small matter of Mad Max prequel Furiosa with Anya Taylor-Joy.

After that, though, we could realistically be seeing Chris Hemsworth grow out his mustache and shave a bald spot into his head to embody the wrestling legend, who completely changed the paradigm of the business and is regarded as one of its three biggest-ever stars alongside Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, but for the time being, he remains the only talent attached to the film.