Thor: Love And Thunder Fans Are Freaking Out Over How Jacked Chris Hemsworth Is

Thor Ragnarok
Image via Marvel Studios

Chris Hemsworth recently faced some gentle mockery on social media for skipping leg day, but he clearly hasn’t missed a single rep when it comes to his biceps. The actor is known for getting himself into peak physical condition every time he suits up and reports for duty in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he’s taken things to the next level for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Production finally wrapped on the Odinson’s fourth solo outing yesterday, and Hemsworth celebrated by posting a photo with director Taika Waititi, who at least this time wasn’t having his privacy invaded when he was being snapped. Unsurprisingly, though, all anyone could seem to talk about was the sheer size of the leading man’s arms, and you can check out some of the reactions below.

Based on what we know and what we’ve seen so far, Thor: Love and Thunder is probably going to be the most muscular installment in the MCU yet. Even ignoring Hemsworth completely, fans were in shock when they caught a glimpse of Natalie Portman’s buff Jane Foster a few months back, with the Academy Award winner proving that she wasn’t kidding around when saying she’d be getting jacked for her return.

Christian Bale is also known for packing on the muscle when it comes to his action-orientated projects, while Guardians of the Galaxy stars Chris Pratt and Dave Bautista are hardly what you would describe as being slight of frame. Still, none of them can hold a candle to Hemsworth, which is hardly a surprise when his personal trainer and stunt double frequently made it known that he’d be back for Thor: Love and Thunder bigger than ever before.