Hulk Solo Movie Will Reportedly Introduce Multiple Hulks


Sony might have been keen to patch things up and strike a deal with Marvel Studios after botching two Spider-Man franchises of their own, but so far Universal have refused to play ball when it comes to relinquishing the distribution rights to the Hulk.

You can completely understand why, too, as the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the most lucrative franchise in the history of cinema, and the two parties have been at a stalemate for a long time because there’s technically nothing stopping Kevin Feige from giving Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner a standalone outing, it just means Universal would be contractually obligated to handle distribution and would therefore pocket a huge chunk of the revenue from doing very little of the work.

However, all it could take is some creative language to navigate any potential legal roadblocks, with a new rumor claiming that multiple Hulks are set to team up in a new solo movie for the big green hero. A leaked casting call from She-Hulk already teased films and even Avengers membership for Jennifer Walters in the future, so there’s no reason why Marvel wouldn’t buddy up at least a couple of the gamma-irradiated rage monsters if they wanted to.

General Ross is back on the scene and is known for becoming Red Hulk, while there’s also Amadeus Cho among others to have taken on the mantle over the years, but one potential drawback is that having so many Hulks running around in the same project would no doubt be a massively costly endeavor given all of the CGI required. For now, it all remains strictly in the realm of speculation, but fans would no doubt love to see Ruffalo take center stage in a Hulk project.