Disneyland Imagineer Weighs In On The Calls To Cancel Snow White


Disneyland reopened last week and parkgoers have discovered a number of changes and updates since their last visit. One of them is a revamp of the Snow White ride, which is among the few attractions that have remained there since opening day in 1955. Now named Snow White’s Enchanted Wish, it retells the story of the classic movie using state-of-the-art audiovisual technology, new music, laser projections and a fresh animation system.

But a bizarre controversy has spun up around it as of late. This centers on the final moments of the film, where the Prince gives “true love’s kiss” to the poisoned Snow White and awakens her from eternal sleep. The story appears to arise from an article in SF Gate, in which the writer praises the ride as “gorgeous” and “beautifully executed,” but takes issue with the Prince kissing Snow White without her consent.

This has been transformed by Fox News into a huge controversy about “cancel culture” attacking the princess and now, Disneyland Imagineer Jim Shull has stepped in to offer his take, saying the following:


Given that nothing has happened (or is going to happen) here, the whole thing is a storm in a teacup, but Fox is no doubt desperate to find things to offend their thin-skinned viewers with. My advice to anyone who truly cares about this is to toughen up and not let some random San Francisco travel writer dent your confidence.

Cancel culture is not coming for Snow White, the ride has just been changed to add the kiss, and you’re free to enjoy it on your next trip to Disneyland. So, in my eyes, everybody’s a winner here.