Indiana Jones 5 Will Reportedly Send Indy To Space

indiana jones

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull split the Indiana Jones fanbase down the middle when it introduced aliens into the mix, and the movie’s reputation hasn’t exactly increased over time, but you’d hope that James Mangold might rein in the more outlandish elements a little when it comes to the fifth installment in the long-running franchise.

Of course, the adventures of the intrepid archeologist have always contained supernatural or fantastical elements, but little green men and flying saucers may have taken things a touch too far. We’ve already heard plenty of rumors that Indiana Jones 5 will focus on the Space Race and a former Nazi scientist who could be played by Mads Mikkelsen acting as the big bad, but a new “leak” claims that the title hero will be heading beyond the stars.

The tale hails from Reddit, so best not read into it too much, especially when there’s the very real danger that sending Dr. Jones into outer space would see the series jump the shark and go full Moonraker, which is not a comparison you want to invite, even if Steven Spielberg and George Lucas were heavily inspired by James Bond’s cinematic escapades when crafting their own mythology for Indy.

As things stand, though, we know precisely nothing about the plot for sure, with the countless set photos to have made the rounds giving nothing away other than the shocking reveal that Harrison Ford will be wearing his iconic costume. Until we get a better handle on Indiana Jones 5, which shouldn’t be too far away when you consider it hits theaters in eleven months, venturing into full-blown sci-fi should be filed in the rumor drawer for now.