Indiana Jones 5’s Villain Will Reportedly Be [SPOILERS]

indiana jones

The only concrete updates we’ve had in regards to Indiana Jones 5 recently have not been of the positive variety, with Disney and Lucasfilm confirming that Harrison Ford had suffered a shoulder injury that could keep him out of action for a while, although it’s thankfully not serious enough to halt production entirely, with director James Mangold and his team shooting around the leading man’s absence.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped countless rumors emanating about where the plot could be headed, and ever since the fifth installment in the long-running series was given an official green light, we’ve heard everything from the Fountain of Youth to interstellar travel touted as potential MacGuffins.

One of the latest tales hails from Reddit, so make of that what you will, and it posits that Nazis will be positioned as the villains of Indiana Jones 5. Obviously, that’s a very broad statement that applies to the overwhelming majority of the intrepid archeologist’s adventures to date, and images from the set have already confirmed the familiar adversaries will play at least some part, which may be tied to flashbacks set during World War II.

That being said, a number of reports floating around online recently have all signaled in various fashions that Mads Mikkelsen will be playing a Nazi scientist working for NASA, albeit one that hasn’t really turned his back on his heritage and is working towards his own ends. Slightly more far-fetched scoops have named time travel, mysterious stones with magical powers and journeys into outer space as potential plotlines, so it’s best not to take anything at face value until we get some sort of official confirmation as to where Indiana Jones 5 heading, which might not be for a long time yet.