The Internet Is Now Trying To Cancel Netflix


While Twitter can sometimes be used as a tool for good, more often than not it can be an incredibly hostile environment that spreads disinformation, jumps on bandwagons and sees people launching public attacks on anyone and anything that they take issue with. After all, there’s a reason why Kevin Feige described modern internet culture as a hell pit, with social media allowing anyone to share their opinion at the click of a button, no matter how controversial it might be.

Without a doubt, one of the worst things to come out of the Twitter age has been cancel culture, with fans seemingly having an increased sense of ownership and entitlement over brands, franchises and even celebrities that they hold dear. Robert Downey Jr.’s role in Tropic Thunder, Captain America: Civil War‘s title and even the mere existence of John Krasinski have all been targeted in recent months as things have really started getting out of hand.

Now, Netflix find themselves firmly in the firing line, based on a controversial poster that the streaming service released for upcoming French coming-of-age drama Cuties. Admittedly, the one-sheet is in very bad taste and it seems incredible that it managed to get through the marketing department without anyone flagging it up, but almost as soon as it hit the internet, the company issued a public apology.

Netflix Cuties

However, that doesn’t seem to have been good enough. And combined with the outrage over Netflix also bringing down the axe on two beloved shows yesterday – I Am Not Okay With This and The Society – social media users are now going straight for the jugular and demanding that the streaming site itself become the latest victim of cancel culture.

I Am Not Okay WIth This

The petition to remove Cuties from Netflix now has over a quarter of a million signatures, and while the poster was a massive blunder on their part, the sad thing is that a critically-acclaimed and award-winning coming-of-age drama from a talented up-and-coming filmmaker is going to be completely overshadowed by the controversy. And if the people that sign the petition get their way, Maimouna Doucore’s debut feature is going to lose out on finding a huge new audience as a result.