The Internet’s Furious At Avengers 4 Directors For Fake Firing Mark Ruffalo


As careful as Marvel Studios is about divulging the details of next year’s Avengers 4, there’s a limit to how well you can keep a secret when you’ve got a blabbermouth like Mark Ruffalo on the team. Just this week, the Hulk actor added to his impressive history of accidental spoiler-dropping when he revealed the title of the upcoming movie on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Though the words were bleeped out for the broadcast, directors Anthony and Joe Russo still thought they ought to make an example of Ruffalo for his carelessness, and so they sent him a blunt notification of his dismissal, tweeting: “Mark, you’re fired.” Of course, we’re pretty sure that the Avengers 4 helmsmen were kidding, but it seems that some fans took the message at face value, and thought to offer the brothers a piece of their mind.

At the same time, it’s clear that most of Twitter got the joke, though some were quick to remind the brothers of what happens when you make Bruce Banner mad.

Funnily enough, if Avengers: Infinity War was anything to go by, making Bruce mad is unlikely to get you in much trouble these days, since the scientist is having some difficulties releasing his inner beast. The Russos have since clarified that Banner and his other half have some personal issues to sort out, and you can expect this internal conflict to come to a head when the next Avengers movie comes out on May 3rd, 2019.

We’ll leave it to you whether you want to call it Avengers 4 or the rumored Avengers: Annihilation, but in any case, you have to wonder how much longer Marvel Studios can keep this title a secret.

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