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The Internet’s Going Crazy For Netflix’s Big New Movie

Netflix has another new release for us today that's causing everyone on the internet to speak up and profess their love for it.

The Lovebirds

There’s already a ton of really great movies and TV shows to watch on Netflix right now, with May having been a very, very good month for new additions. Be it originals, old classics or sleeper hits that came out of nowhere, the past few weeks have found viewers giddy with excitement at all the awesome content on the platform, and that continues today with The Lovebirds.

Probably Netflix’s biggest new movie for the month, given that it’s got some serious star power and was originally housed at Paramount and headed for theaters, before the streaming site swooped in and grabbed it, The Lovebirds tells the story of a couple who are about to break up before they find themselves in an insane murder mystery. As they try to clear their name, they’ll also need to come together and try to repair their damaged relationship.

Its 68% rating on Rotten Tomatoes may not scream instant classic, but it seems like subscribers are definitely digging it. It’s only been available for less than a day, but already Twitter is flooded with reactions and most of them are overly positive – as you can see below.

The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds

And there’s a lot more where those came from. Indeed, it seems that even despite some mediocre reviews from critics – including our own Matt Donato – Netflix has managed to pump out another hit. Which, at this point, isn’t too surprising. Be it The Wrong Missy6 Underground, Coffee & Kareem or countless others, the platform has proven that it knows what its subscribers like and it doesn’t care what the critics have to say.

But tell us, do you have any plans to check out The Lovebirds this weekend? Or will you be streaming something else? As always, share your thoughts with us by dropping a comment in the usual place down below.

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