Iron Man Voice Dub Actor Says The Avengers 4 Trailer Is Awesome


There’ve been few things this year – or even the past few years, for that matter – that’ve inspired as much debate, speculation, false reports and furious arguments as the release date of the first Avengers 4 trailer. And yet, here we are, almost at the end of November (which is widely assumed to be the month in which Marvel will drop it) and there’s still no trace of the preview. And not only is there no trace of it, but we also still don’t have a date for when we can expect to see it.

But rest assured, it’s on the way. And whether it arrives this month or next, or even in 2019, it sounds like we’re in for a treat. Or at least, that’s according to the actor who does the voice dub for Iron Man in Turkey. Apparently, he’s already recorded his lines for the trailer and says that it’s “awesome,” while also teasing that the film itself is “going to be something special” and that it gave him “goosebumps.”

Of course, none of this makes the wait to see that first bit of footage any easier, but we can at least take it to mean that it has to be coming soon – which we kind of assumed anyways. Still, it’s nice to hear that the release is imminent and with any luck, today might just be the day it lands.

After all, Collider’s hosting a special Q&A screening of Infinity War tonight with directors Joe and Anthony Russo and given that we can’t see any other reason for doing such a thing, especially so long after the film’s initial release, it leads us to believe that it’s somehow tied into the Avengers 4 trailer.

Does that mean it’ll debut at the event? No, likely not. But, it’s widely speculated that the Russos will use the screening to announce a date for its arrival. Or, you know, they could just not even acknowledge the trailer and let the long, agonizing wait continue. At this point, that wouldn’t surprise us at all.