10 Big Movies Released Via Streaming And On Demand This Weekend

Guns Akimbo

With the theatrical lockdown dragging on, streaming platforms have been filling the gap in our movie-watching week with original titles and films that would otherwise have gone out to cinemas. This week, we have a lot to enjoy across various online channels, including the Steve Carell comedy Irresistible, the Dave Bautista-starring My Spy, and some new Adventure Time content, to name just a few. What, then, is on offer as we head into July?

Well, first up, Irresistible was likely heading for a wide theatrical release before COVID-19, with the Jon Stewart-directed movie now launching as a premium VOD title on June 26th. The film will be available in a few theaters, but will presumably reach a decent audience on streaming. Steve Carell stars as a Democratic political consultant who takes on the job of electing a retired colonel, played by Chris Cooper, to mayor in a Wisconsin town.

Also receiving a VOD launch after a theatrical plan, My Spy is now available on Amazon Prime, after the company picked up the rights to the pic following a small international release in cinemas. Dave Bautista stars as a CIA operative charged with looking after a young girl, in what’s been a regular go-to plot for action stars in comedies. Despite the premise, we actually quite liked this one, and it’s worth giving it a shot if you have a Prime subscription.

On the Netflix front, the Will Ferrell comedy Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga is picking up some decent audience and critical buzz since arriving on the platform. Netflix also have A Whisker Away for subscribers to check out, a Japanese animated film about a girl who turns into a cat to catch the eye of her crush, only for things to get complicated.

Meanwhile, you can also catch Corpus Christi, a well-received film about a reformed criminal who becomes a small-town priest after being rejected from the seminary. This one’s available on multiple platforms.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga

Adventure Time fans will be pleased that HBO Max started putting out their series of one-hour specials from June 25th, with the first being Adventure Time Distant Lands: BMO. On regular HBO, meanwhile, you can catch up with the director’s cut of Doctor Sleep, which promises a more expansive look at Mike Flanagan’s underrated Stephen King adaptation. And if you’re in the mood for documentaries, Hulu has Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band as a free title for its subscribers.

Finally, those wanting more eclectic fare can check out Guns Akimbo on Amazon Prime, which sees Daniel Radcliffe in a deathmatch where he gets guns bolted to his hands. And on Shudder, you can now catch Yummy, a zombie horror-comedy from Lars Damoiseaux, wherein a virus transforms an Eastern European plastic surgery clinic into a bloodthirsty nightmare.

Lots to enjoy, then, as watching movies on streaming becomes increasingly the norm. What do you think of this collection of titles, though? Let us know your recommendations in the comments section down below.