Jackass stars sued over water ski stunt gone bad

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Jackass Forever / YouTube

Two of the most recognizable stars from Jackass Forever are being sued over a water ski incident that resulted in serious injury.

Michael Vicens-Segura is suing Chris Pontius and Steve-O, saying the pair approached him in Puerto Rico in 2018 to use his jet ski for something they were filming, according to TMZ.

The stunt involved attaching bungee cords to each person and then speeding away, letting physics do the rest – fairly standard on-brand Jackass fare.

According to the lawsuit, Vicens-Segura was tasked with keeping the jet ski steady due to an overly windy day. He said that when the pair hit the accelerators on the jet skis, a bungee cord snapped free from Steve-O, hitting Vicens-Segura on the side of his head.

The injured man said he was helicoptered to a hospital for emergency surgery, where he had to placed in a medically-induced coma due to a fractured skull and a brain bleed. The toll of the surgery, he said, left him in poor shape. He claims he has permanent scars from the accident, and has lost his ability to think clearly.

He also has to deal with ongoing pain and suffering, he said.

Vicens-Segura wants over $12 million in damages. The lawsuit’s timing coincides with the theatrical release of the fourth Jackass movie in the franchise.