James Cameron Reportedly Wants To Do An Avatar Show On Disney Plus


Having only made two movies since 1994, James Cameron isn’t exactly renowned for the speed at which he gets his projects through production and onto the big screen. However, the fact that both Titanic and Avatar became the highest-grossing movies in history, earning almost $5 billion at the box office between them and winning a combined fourteen Academy Awards from twenty-four nominations means he can pretty much do whatever he wants, regardless of how long it takes him.

While it would be nice to see one of the greatest and most innovative filmmakers of the modern era try his hand at something new, Cameron seems content to spend what looks like the rest of his career on Pandora, with four Avatar sequels currently in the works. As you would expect, there’s no shortage of groundbreaking technology involved, and with Avengers: Endgame recently stealing the first movie’s crown as cinema’s biggest ever hit, he’s no doubt seeking to reclaim his title.

Following Disney’s takeover of Fox, the Mouse House are now in control of the rights to the franchise and will be distributing the sequels through the recently-renamed 20th Century Studios, but we’ve heard that there are also talks between Cameron and his new corporate overlords about bringing the world of Pandora to the small screen with an exclusive Disney Plus series.

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources that told us Disney were working on live-action reboots of their animated classics Bambi and Robin Hood months before either was officially confirmed – the studio are actively seeking some high-profile original content for their streaming service, and they see the expansion of the Avatar franchise as an ideal candidate.

The two sides are said to be equally keen on the idea and are reportedly in the early stage of discussions over a prequel series that would take place between the first and second movies. And with Cameron already having the technology available after spending a decade developing it for the big screen sequels, the proposed Disney Plus show wouldn’t be anywhere near as expensive as the reported billion dollars that are being spent on the Avatar follow-ups. Meaning this project could very well come to fruition one day.