James Gunn Confirms That A Fun Suicide Squad Character Didn’t Die

The Suicide Squad

The opening sequence of The Suicide Squad lived up to the team’s name, with Amanda Waller sending a squad of D-listers into a trap simply as a diversion. These no-names included Javelin, Mongal, and Savant, who were all brutally cut down before the title card even appeared.

Even before the movie ended, we saw that some characters who’d seemed dead had survived. The post-credits scene saw Task Force X visiting Peacemaker in hospital and we got a scene showing that Sean Gunn’s Weasel hadn’t drowned. Now James Gunn himself has gone out of his way to point out another survivor:

Nathan Fillion’s TDK (The Detachable Kid) was one of the more entertaining new additions to the team, with his powers proving weird but completely ineffective in combat. DC fans will have noted that TDK is very similar to the existing character of Arm-Fall-Off-Boy, with the substitution likely made to avoid paying creator and convicted pedophile Gerard Jones any royalties.

Gunn’s tweet may also be an indication that TDK will reappear in the upcoming Peacemaker TV show. While TDK isn’t very useful in direct combat, I imagine that being able to detach and telekinetically control your arms must have applications in less dangerous missions.

Gunn has written the show and directed five episodes (of eight), so Peacemaker presumably ties in very closely to The Suicide Squad’s story. That’s now wrapped, in post-production, and is due for release on HBO Max next January.

There have also been reports of another spinoff focused on Idris Elba’s Bloodsport showing him returning to superhero mercenary work after surviving Corto Maltese. Right now these are mere rumors, though I’d love to see him back.

In the meantime, The Suicide Squad is available on HBO Max.