James Gunn may have just told us where Keanu Reeves’ Constantine will make his DCU debut

keanu reeves constantine
via Warner Bros.

As has become clear, James Gunn is dedicated to filling his new DCU with young fresh faces in the hopes of ensuring the franchise runs for many decades to come — to the extent that he’s even given his old friends like Dave Bautista the boot from their dream roles. Nevertheless, the last we heard, Keanu Reeves could be returning as John Constantine for a hard R-rated sequel to the 2004 cult Constantine movie. But it’s just possible that he could make his comeback before that film eventually gets here.

While the likes of Superman: Legacy and The Brave and the Bold are exciting announcements for Justice League fans, those who prefer the horror side of DC are thrilled by the news that a Swamp Thing solo film is coming, with Logan/Indiana Jones 5 director James Mangold in talks to direct. What’s more, Gunn just gave us a major clue as to the direction the movie will take with the character as the DC Studios Co-CEO has confirmed that Alan Moore’s Saga of Swamp Thing run is a major influence.

Image via DC Comics

And here’s where Keanu comes in. Long-time DC readers will know that John Constantine made his comic book debut in the pages of Moore’s Swamp Thing #37, before his popularity ensured he landed his own Hellblazer series. This unlikely duo, and Swampie’s role in launching Constantine into the universe, is such an iconic part of Moore’s Swamp Thing that it’s easy to imagine Gunn will want to replicate this on-screen. So it stands to reason that Reeves could cameo in Mangold’s movie before director Francis Lawrence eventually gets to make his Constantine 2.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Gunn will ultimately elect not to go with Reeves and continue his plans to cast young actors, but in this case he would be wise to make an exception to his rule — given Keanu’s continuing Reevesnaissance — and bring the 58-year-old back into the fold. And if that is something he wants to do, then Swamp Thing is the perfect project to make that happen.