James Gunn’s DCU reboot is killing the SnyderVerse, and fans are praying Ezra Miller is next

Hype builds for 'The Flash' thanks to prequel comic
Image: Warner Bros.

If you heard an anguished wail late last night, it was probably a Zack Snyder fan reading the news that Henry Cavill won’t be returning as Superman after all. In October, Cavill made headlines by confirming on Instagram that he’d be strapping on the cape once again, but after taking control of the DCU, Gunn has decided to focus on a movie about a younger version of the character, and you could almost feel the heartache in the actor’s Instagram statement.

With Wonder Woman 3 cancelled, Jason Momoa said to be recast as Lobo, and now this, it feels like the last nails are being hammered into the SnyderVerse’s coffin. But, there’s one remaining Justice League hero still out there: Ezra Miller‘s Flash.

It’s safe to say that Miller hasn’t had a great year, and there was already a campaign to replace them. Despite The Flash being practically complete, is now the time?

Batgirl is one thing, but could they really just can The Flash?

It sounds like Miller staying while Cavill goes is a real deal-breaker:

Fan feeling is pretty strongly against Miller right now:

Even if The Flash is released, we doubt there’ll be a sequel:

The SnyderVerse ever being fully restored was a long shot, but right now it seems impossible. Gunn clearly has his own vision in mind for the DCU, and wants to start with a fresh slate of characters. Whether that means a full reboot is coming is unknown, though that won’t be able to properly happen until Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom lands on Dec 25, 2023.

We’re sad that Cavill is gone, and just hope Gunn is doing this for a good reason with some firm plans sorted out. Warner Bros.’ DC lineup has been in chaos for years now, so maybe he’ll be able to restore some order to it and finally give us a true rival to the MCU.

And, if that happens, maybe don’t expect Ezra Miller to be a part of it.

The Flash is (theoretically) coming on June 16, 2023.