New reports suggest it was Patty Jenkins who put the nail in the coffin of ‘Wonder Woman 3’

Wonder Woman 3 nears next stage of production
Image: Warner Bros.

After yesterday’s bombshell news that the DC Universe was in for quite the shake-up under new studio heads James Gunn and Peter Safran, a few more details are surfacing today about exactly what has been going down.

Yesterday’s info dump from The Hollywood Reporter suggested that Patty JenkinsWonder Woman threequel was put on the chopping block after the director of the first two films presented her first treatment of the film to Warner Bros. 

New information has come to light suggesting that it was in fact Jenkins who walked away from the studio after being given notes on said treatment, which apparently presented with character arc problems.

Jenkins was reportedly given an opportunity to revise her treatment according to sources speaking with Deadline, but the director opted to walk away after insisting that the character arcs she had in mind were solid. 

Gunn himself recently weighed in on the divisive DC reboot rumors, though he potentially created more questions rather than answers on the matter. The rumors have certainly fuelled a resurgence in campaigning to restore the SnyderVerse, however we think a reboot might not be such a bad idea

At the very least, we’re hoping that Gunn and Safran end up opting for a reboot without a recast, especially considering Henry Cavill may well have hung up his Geralt of Rivia wig to once again step into the shoes of the Man of Steel