Jamie Lee Curtis Reveals The Email Exchange That Resurrected Halloween

Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills finally hits theaters next week, marking an end to the painful year-long delay caused by COVID. Early indications are that the sequel lived up to the hype and will indeed provide some of the most brutal action ever seen in the franchise.

The new movie is a direct continuation of 2018’s critically acclaimed Halloween, with the action picking up soon after Michael was left to burn to death. That doesn’t appear to have slowed him down at all, with the trailers showing the people of Haddonfield uniting against his latest killing spree. But despite their combined forces, he’ll almost certainly survive this rampage, as this trilogy is set to wrap up in Halloween Ends.

Much like Michael, Halloween also came back from the dead. During a preview screening at Beyond Fest (per ScreenRant), star Jamie Lee Curtis revealed the emails that were the seed of bringing Halloween back. It all began with a “moonshot” email from Blumhouse’s Jason Blum to director David Gordon Green:

DGG, maybe this is insane, but because I know you are going to do Suspiria, I figured I would ask. Halloween. Creative control. John Carpenter doing the score for you. What do you think? Question mark. A sandbox you would ever want to play in, or am I crazy? Jason.’

Green replied:

Whoa. Let me take a sip of my coffee. Whoa. That’s the first physical reaction I’ve had to a morning email in a long time. Let’s discuss. I just listened to Carpenter on Marc Maron a couple weeks ago, and actually I’ve been keeping up with the music he and his son are doing. They played in Austin, recently. It’s badass.

Curtis underlined that this exchange is the entire reason the new trilogy happened, saying:

One email, five years and one month later, two movies in the can, one to shoot, hundreds of fucking millions of dollars, millions and millions of fans later.

She went on to thank Blum, Green, and the fans in attendance:

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because without you guys, I have no career, and I couldn’t love you more.

A horror film like this deserves to be seen with a big crowd that can scream and cheer along with the action, so I’ve got my ticket booked for next Friday night. However, if you can’t make it to the theater, Halloween Kills will also be available on the ‘pay tier’ of the Peacock streaming service on October 15.