Jason Momoa Has Been Cast As Aquaman In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice


Remember a few weeks ago when Game of Thrones alum Jason Momoa literally laughed at the idea of playing Aquaman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice? Well, as it turns out, he was just being coy, because according to HitFix, he is “totally” playing Aquaman in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel sequel, and will have an expanded role in the forthcoming Justice League film as well.

Warner Bros. hasn’t made the announcement official just yet, but HitFix seems pretty confident in their report, saying that Snyder has “already finalized his designs for the character so shooting can take place soon.”

Momoa has long been rumored for the role, so this doesn’t come as a complete shock. Personally, I think he’s a pretty great choice for the part, and I’m incredibly excited that we’ll finally be seeing Aquaman on the big screen. One of the problems with bringing the king of Atlantis to life is having to compete with the negative assumptions that general audiences have about him. Bringing someone like Momoa into the role will surely keep any worries about Aquaman’s cheesier elements at bay, while allowing Snyder to show off the character’s badass edge that comic book readers have been enjoying for decades now.

HitFix also shed some light on how Aquaman may factor into the events of BVS. He reportedly won’t have a large role, but will contribute to how the movie shows the consequences of Superman’s battle with Zod in Man of Steel. Lex Luthor will likely use the destruction caused in Metropolis as a way to paint Superman as a monster and a dangerous threat, while Batman will probably confront Supes on a more philosophical level, questioning his decision to snap Zod’s neck.

Aquaman offers a through-line into another one of Man of Steel’s major set-pieces: Superman’s battle with the World Engine. As you may remember, it appears to have done some serious damage to the Indian Ocean, leaving our sea-bound superhero pretty upset about it.

Unfortunately, it will likely be some time before we hear concrete information about Snyder’s plan for the character, though recent reports suggest that big announcements await us at San Diego Comic-Con. Until then, though, let us know how you feel about Momoa’s casting in the comments section below!

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives in theaters on May 6th, 2016.

Source: HitFix

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  1. Clydesays:

    Personally I find this to be the best signing yet since Henry Cavill took up the mantle as Superman. Jason Momoa will add a serious nature to the role of Aquaman that will force certain people to look at him as a serious hero for a change. I’m glad that Aquaman is getting the opportunity to shine on screen. I was worried that Dc Entertainment / Warner Bros. would brush him off the way that many people have. Those people that think he’s a joke lake the imagination to see his greatest potential. However with Jason Momoa’s resume from “Game of Thrones” and the “Conan the Barbarian” remake, he will add credibility to this character. Good job Dc / Warner. Now all that’s left is to see what role Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson will play in the Dc movie universe, and for us to find out which Green Lantern character they go with. If they’re smart, they’ll go with the smartest business and racially diverse decision and bring in John Stewart The Green Lantern! Otherwise we’ll see what announcements Dc Entertainment has at this year’s comic con 2014.

    1. secularcontextsays:

      a jon stewart / barry allen movie is, hopefully, being hinted at.

  2. Disabledmilitaryvet1says:

    Should have cast him as Shazam. He does not fit Aquaman.

  3. AnonymousSkunksays:

    This movie is a complete joke. Riding Christopher Nolan’s coattails, they’re utilizing the “Batman” appeal stemming from the masterful trilogy that’s fresh in everyones mind. Ben Affleck as Batman? Give me a break. Jesse Eisenburg as Lex Luthor? Pathetic. Wonder Woman? Aquaman? Wow. What’s next? Will Channing Tatum be cast? Just take a miscellaneous bag of superheroes and villains, throw in some flavor of the month actors, and ride out the success of someone else’s movies. Brilliant.

    1. Guestsays:

      Wait til you see it before you judge. You dont know nothing.

      1. SPEEDOSWIMMERsays:

        And you are even less knowledgeable and woefully uninformed. You know exactly SQUAT!

      2. Randall Cheuvrontsays:

        i know this was supposed to be a sequel to the superman movie. now they’re cramming half the dc universe into it

      3. giznad138says:

        That’s because it’s no longer a Man of Steel sequel. It is now basically a prequel to the Justice League film. I believe Man of Steel 2 was one of the films listed when a ton of DC movies were announced for the next few years.

    2. AnonymousRacoonsays:

      Now wait just a minute. That’s what everybody said about Heath Ledger playing Joker, or Christian Bale playing Batman or Michael Keaton playing Batman or…should I go on? We shouldn’t be to hasty to judge lest we be made to eat our words. All those names you listed up there are all great actors. Only the finished product will let us know (in time) whether those actors really understood the characters they were playing or if Snyder shot an amazing movie. Although I do agree that Christopher Nolan’s trilogy was masterful!

      1. Agreed. After everyone lost their minds at the casting announcement of Ledger and subsequently had to eat crow after he shut them all up, I’ll wait to actually see the movie before I pass judgment.

  4. Josh Johnsonsays:

    Aquaman sucks. Like Jason Mamoa though. They should find someone better for him to play.

    1. secularcontextsays:

      Lobo. or darkseid.

      1. Josh Johnsonsays:

        I agree, I was leaning toward Darkseid

  5. Odysea Industriessays:

    No thanks. Not too much Aquaman.

  6. if they don’t care about being faithful to the character’s ethnic background, they could have at least chosen a better actor.

    1. secularcontextsays:

      you mean an ancient person of original civilization (we’re talking tigris river old) origin wouldn’t be brown like LITERALLY EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET who had ended nomadic lifestyle?

  7. Crazysays:

    Jason Momoa as Aquaman give me a break he was terrible in Conan. They are trying to put too many people in this movie. It is either going to be very good or suck so bad because of all the people in it. You should think of doing a couple movies to get all the individuals into the Justice League.

    1. neodymiumsays:

      ITs called a cameo… it takes away nothing from the story

    2. Jimsays:

      You can’t blame Jason Momoa for Conan. That took a whole bunch of idiots to pull off. The writing was terrible, to start. Rose McGowan was so overacting it actually hurt my brain to watch her. I could go on and on about how bad that movie was and, almost none of my biggest complaints have anything to do with Jason Momoa and, even with all the complaints I had with that movie, it was still better then Arnold’s Conan.

  8. Aliciasays:

    I think if any one resembles Aqua Man in the comic book and portray him in a movie, it should have been Sting.

  9. They might as well just call this movie what it is: Justice League Lite.

    1. secularcontextsays:

      i’ve moved to strictly calling it “dawn of justice” because, seriously, that’s what it is. it certainly isn’t man of steel 2, which media outlets have a proclivity to call it, and with 5 heroes to screen it seems unfair to focus solely on the batman aspect

      1. giznad138says:

        It isn’t Man of Steel 2 at all. It has become a prequel to the Justice League. I guarantee you,here in a few years, after JLA’s film, they’ll release a Man of Steel 2.

  10. pinkypoosays:

    Momoa is WAY too hot to be Aquaman! LOL! Give that man a hot super hero role!

    1. secularcontextsays:

      why not a villain? i say lobo or darkseid.

      1. Jennifer Vusays:

        His look is TOTALLY Lobo!

        Not Darkseid, they would have to cover up his sexy face :3

  11. MiddleFingerResponsesays:

    its going to be swartsanigar all over again. ben affleck is a terrible actor. i dont hate the guy as person, but he is not good. how are they going to squeeze this many heroes in with no back story? unless the movie is 5 hours long, i dont see it. cyborg is more than just teen titans go, wonder woman is the daughter of the gods, aqua mans the king of atlantis, and batman, weve seen, a lot. theres so many better ways to go. flash and wonder woman, those are the two i would like to see.why is batman going after superman anyway. supermans not evil and theres not enough time to make him that way. the guys probally helping to rebuild metropolis, and what, batmans going to beat him up for it? or maybe theyll do something really awesome, like have lex luther have kryptonite and batman comes to save him. this is iceman, poison ivy, bane, bat nipples, and boy whiny all over again. maybe this will bankrupt wb and thell have to sell the rights to disney.

  12. dragonsays:

    another bad casting choice


    james garcia – the writer of this article – must be either a deaf dumb blind m0r0n or just a big-time Jason Momoa’s brown starfish sniffer.
    Jason Momoa is so WRONG as Aquaman. Aquaman is BLOND!!!
    Alan Ritchson who played Aquaman on TV’s SMALLVILLE would be PERFECT!

    1. Jim,says:

      You never heard of hair dye?

      1. Jensays:

        Blonde hair dye with THAT skin tone? Yeah, that’s gonna look good. =/

      2. SPEEDOSWIMMERsays:

        Oh PUHLEEZE – JESUS weep – I was expecting an intelligent reply but received instead a second grade snark from a obtuse IQ-challenged in-bred retard. Sure….. let’s just DOUCHE Jason Momoa in a vat of BLOND-colored dye daily… And btw, anyone expecting someone in the 21st century to NOT have heard of ‘hair dye’ has truly been living under a rock.
        I repeat – Alan Ritchson who played Aquaman on TV’s SMALLVILLE would be PERFECT!

      3. It's just Aquaman, Anywaysays:

        Holy shit, why do you care so much? Why does ANYONE care that much? Just don’t watch the film and stand on your pretentious fucking mountain with the other lot of people on the Internet who care more about a problem with casting than a film’s final and complete product.

  14. who?

  15. Amen Rasays:

    This movies is going to be one of the Greatest Comic Book Movie Ever!!!!
    Too bad you all won’t be at the theater to see it. I will be there with a smile on my face witnessing the history that will take place there. while you all will be home doing the smart thing, like saving your money or waiting for captain america. Owe well, hopefully there’s a movie out there for all you ungrateful suckas. lol

  16. Randall Cheuvrontsays:

    i loved man of steel but how many characters are they trying to vomit into this thing? it’s a sequel for superman not superman and superfriends. it comes off like dc is in a hurry to roll characters out to compete with marvel/ the avengers.

  17. NinjaToastsays:

    Coming in 2016…Batman VS Superman:Dawn of Justice, Also staring Wonder Woman. BUT WAIT, is that green lantern I see? Coming in 2016, Batman VS Superman, Plus Wonderwoman and Green Lantern. But wait, Holy S**t , is that Aaso Aquaman and Cyborg I see? We may as well throw in Arrow and Flash from the CW shows and call it Justice League already!

    Coming 2016, DC Universe, THE MOVIE!

  18. michael greenwood....says:

    wow!This is the most perfect best choice for aquaman…..Well done snyder

  19. Dr Davesays:

    The problem with this is……wait for it….he can’t act. Yes we make jokes about affleck and they are in good fun. This guy can grunt, grimace, and mumble. That is his range. I’m pretty sure that more would be expected from Aquaman.

  20. Lowprofilesays:

    Vince Chase (Entourage) is Aquaman!!!

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