Jason Momoa’s On The Run In New Photos From Netflix Action Movie


2021 is shaping up as the busiest year of Jason Momoa‘s career by some distance, with the actor starring in and shooting several major projects, and we now know when his Netflix action thriller Sweet Girl will be arriving after the platform confirmed Brian Andrew Mendoza’s feature directorial debut for an August 20th release.

The plot is pretty straightforward, following Momoa’s widower as he seeks to protect his daughter and gain a measure of revenge on the people responsible for destroying his family. The logline doesn’t boast much in the way of originality, but the last time we saw the actor tackle a B-tier actioner that he also produced we ended up with the fantastic underrated gem Braven, which itself proved to be a big hit on streaming, so there’s no reason to doubt that Sweet Girl will deliver the goods.

It’s shaping up to be a phenomenal summer for the genre on Netflix, too, with Karen Gillan’s Gunpowder Milkshake and Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s Kate arriving on either side of Momoa’s pic, with both looking to be heavily inspired by the John Wick franchise in their own way, and all three will be hoping to draw in a big audience given their respective high concept premises and proven action stars.

Jason Momoa has already appeared in Zack Snyder’s Justice League this year, with Denis Villenueve’s Dune finally landing in October, while the second season of his AppleTV+ sci-fi series See is premiering just one week after Sweet Girl. On top of that, he’s reprising his role as Arthur Curry when cameras on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom start rolling in a matter of weeks, having just wrapped Netflix’s family fantasy adventure Slumberland last month.