Jeffrey Dean Morgan Rumored To Return As Flashpoint Batman In The Flash

Flashpoint Batman

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice had a ton of world-building to do in order to really establish the DCEU and it always felt a bit unnecessary to include a flashback that saw Bruce’s parents getting killed onscreen yet again. I mean, we all know his origin story and casting well-known actors like Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan as Thomas and Martha Wayne seemed odd when they weren’t given a whole lot to do.

That being said, Morgan has frequently teased the possibility of returning as the Flashpoint version of Batman, with the upcoming solo film for the Flash the most likely place that we’ll see character. The pic will reportedly take much inspiration from the “Flashpoint” arc in the comics, after all, which set up an alternate history where Bruce was the one who was killed in the alley, with his father eventually becoming the Dark Knight and Martha going insane and turning into the Joker.

Given all the trouble behind the scenes on The Flash, it’s still unclear exactly what we’ll see in the film, but it seems that all of Morgan’s teases may actually end up coming to fruition. And that’s because The Cinema Spot is reporting tonight that the actor is now circling the role of Flashpoint Batman, which We Got This Covered already told you last month.

Apparently, formal talks haven’t yet begun, but The Cinema Spot says Flashpoint Batman is indeed in the film. And frankly, there’s no reason to think the role won’t go to Morgan. Especially as we know he’s interested in it and it’d also be something that would send the fans into a frenzy.

In any case, with pre-production on The Flash now beginning to heat up, we should learn more soon. But between this and the rumored return of Cyborg, it sounds like we’re in for something special. Now they just need to sort out the Ezra Miller situation…