Jeremy Irons Teases A More “Hands-On” Alfred In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice As High-Res Images Surface


DC fans have found themselves presiding over an embarrassment of riches when it comes to marketing material for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in the past few weeks, be it striking cover images adorning Empire Magazine to a whole host of interviews featuring the film’s key players.

And so, after spotlighting Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill and Amy Adams, Jeremy Irons is the latest member of the Dawn of Justice cast to be quizzed by the outlet regarding his role in Zack Snyder’s superhero ensemble.


Picking up the mantle from Michael Caine as Bruce Wayne’s loyal number two Alfred Pennyworth, Irons has teased in the past that he’ll be bringing a different take to Batman’s surrogate father figure, and speaking to Empire, the English actor revealed that the Alfred we see in Dawn of Justice adopts a more “hands-on” approach when it comes it living in the Caped Crusader’s shadow. Perhaps even hailing from a special-ops background.

“I knew we would be finding a different angle on Alfred,” Irons told us. “So I thought of him as my own. He’s a man who can actually do anything if he has to. As well as having been in loco parentis to Bruce,” Irons continued, “his only remit in life is to protect him. And, as those of us who have raised children, let alone Batmen, will know, that is quite a wide remit.”

Also of note in the interview, Irons’ world-weary companion doesn’t reside in Wayne Manor, which lies in ruins when the film opens; rather, he’ll be calling a lakeside residence home. Small details, sure, but it all filters into the dynamic between Alfred and Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight, who we know will be a much older and grizzled Bruce Wayne when the DC Expanded Universe gets going in earnest.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is slated to open on March 25.

Source: Empire

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