Jimmy Fallon Wrote A Hilarious Thank You Note To Venom


There’s a limit to how sorry you can feel for a movie that’s managed to rake in over $200 million on its opening weekend, but there’s no denying that Venom has been the subject of a whole lot of criticism and ridicule in this last week. Once the social media embargo was lifted for the symbiote’s first standalone film, the floodgates were open for an onslaught of highly disparaging tweets, and the official reviews that followed weren’t any more generous.

Now, comedian Jimmy Fallon has offered his quick and irreverent take on Eddie Brock’s latest big screen outing as part of his weekly “thank you notes” section on The Tonight Show, penning a derisive message that read as follows:

“Thank you, movie supervillain Venom, for being the Marvel Comics version of the dudes who say, ‘Wazzup?’”

Incidentally, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon probably had a few more Marvel Comics fans than usual tuning in this week when Mark Ruffalo tweeted that he accidentally dropped a major Avengers 4 spoiler on the show. Unfortunately for anyone who was just watching for the title reveal, Ruffalo’s words were eventually censored out, albeit later uncovered by a fan.

But to circle back to Venom, it seems that the Ruben Fleischer-helmed flick is getting off to a promising start at the box office, already breaking the October opening weekend record previously set by 2013’s Gravity. What’s more, while the critics have been pretty hard on this one, the film has fared a lot better with general audiences, who gave it a respectable CinemaScore of B+.

With Venom out now in cinemas worldwide, you can see the film for yourself and decide if the alien symbiote truly deserves all the flak he’s been getting.

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