J.J. Abrams Reportedly Producing New Constantine Reboot For WB

Keanu Reeves Constantine

When J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot company initially signed a huge first-look deal with Warner Bros., many speculated that it would lead to the Rise of Skywalker director assuming control of the DCEU. While Abrams has been linked to potential soft reboots for both Superman and the Justice League, so far he’s only officially signed on to tackle lesser-known properties.

Along with the Justice League Dark show that’s set for HBO Max, the latest rumor is that Bad Robot will also be tackling cult favorite Zatanna, a character with close links to the team. Another name with strong ties to both Justice League Dark and Zatanna though is Constantine, and according to The Direct, Abrams and Bad Robot are reportedly set to tackle the long-awaited reboot for the occult detective as well.

Talk of a Constantine sequel has reared its head every now and again over the years, largely down to the continued popularity of star Keanu Reeves and his admission that he’d love to play the role again. At this stage, it hasn’t been announced if the reboot will involve the John Wick star or not, but you’d assume that the studio would be keen to secure his services and there’s been a lot of speculation that he’ll return.

It hasn’t been confirmed if the big screen Constantine will be connected to the HBO Max series in any way, but with DC keen to expand their multiverse, the possibility of having cinema’s Keanu Reeves and television’s Matt Ryan both reprising their versions of the character at the same time can’t completely be ruled out.

While further details on Abrams’ reboot remain unclear at this time, it would certainly be a strange move on the studio’s part if they were planning on rebooting Constantine without having the action icon involved in some way and with the original film’s 15th anniversary panel quickly approaching, we imagine we’ll be getting some official announcements quite soon.