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Joaquin Phoenix Rumored To Star In Joker Trilogy

Joaquin Phoenix has been rumored once again to be starring in not one, but two, sequels to smash hit Joker.


Ever since Todd Phillips’ Joker parlayed plenty of buzz and almost as much controversy into a box office haul that saw it become the highest-grossing R-rated movie ever made, the internet has been awash with sequel speculation. Neither the director nor his leading man Joaquin Phoenix envisioned more than one outing for Arthur Fleck, but at the end of the day, money talks louder than everything else in Hollywood.

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There’s been whispers, rumblings, murmurs, rumors and much more since Joker arrived in October 2019, and a new report offers the “exclusive” information that Phoenix has signed on to reprise his Academy Award-winning role in an entire trilogy. Of course, there’s every reason to be skeptical about the veracity of the information for any number of reasons, especially when precisely zero additional details or information has been provided.

Is it the first time we’ve heard tell of a Joker trilogy? Absolutely not. How many times has the rumor mill drudged up scuttlebutt that a sequel is signed, sealed and ready to go? Literally dozens. As things stand, Phillips and Phoenix haven’t officially committed to a second film, never mind a third, so get your handfuls of salt at the ready.

That being said, the ball is very much in their court after they proved Warner Bros. wrong and steered the twisted psychological thriller to critical, commercial and awards season glory. If they want to do it, then you can guarantee the studio will be reversing trucks of cash up to their respective houses if more Joker is indeed on the table.