John Boyega Shares Awesome Disneyland Photo With Stormtroopers


Last month, John Boyega shared a video from his trip to Disneyland Paris which saw the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy lead getting arrested by the park’s Stormtroopers, and in a recent Instagram post, the actor offers a callback to that clash with the First Order.

“Keep your enemies close,” says Boyega in the caption to a photo that shows the star looking pretty chummy with two of his armored foes. In the background, we see an X-Wing model that we can probably assume to be the one on display in Paris.

Though the image may not have a lot to say about Boyega’s role in Star Wars: Episode IX, clues of the adventure to come in J.J. Abrams’ next film can be found elsewhere on the actor’s Instagram. Earlier this month, for instance, Boyega shared a mysterious photo of his own hands with a single drop of blood on them. In the caption, the star teased a “visually crazy” scene that the team really pushed themselves to create. Before that, Boyega last year posted an image from his trip to Dubai, suggesting that Finn will have some scenes on the film’s Wadi Rum desert set.

Nonetheless, Star Wars: Episode IX remains shrouded in mystery, though there’s still a chance that a little teaser might drop during the Super Bowl on February 3rd, in which case, the footage may also come with an official title reveal. Either way, the Star Wars Celebration in April is looking like the most probable time for a full trailer to arrive, but regardless of what the coming months bring, we’ll be able to see Boyega in action once more when the film hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.

Source: Instagram