John Carpenter To Chat Live With Fans Via Twitter

Now that John Carpenter’s The Ward is only a few days from its theatrical release on July 8, fans are about to get treated to a live tweet chat with the master of horror himself, John Carpenter.

This Friday, when The Ward comes out in theaters, Carpenter will be live on Twitter at 2 p.m. Hollywood time (aka PST). He’ll be answering questions via tweets and video messages for about an hour and a half, so get your questions ready. To access the live interview, just follow @ARC_entertain.

Carpenter hasn’t made a feature film in over ten years, so The Ward marks a possible come back for the iconic horror film director. If you are unfamiliar with Carpenter’s work, he is the force behind horror classics like Halloween, The Thing, They Live and The Fog.

The Ward is a psychological horror/thriller based in the ‘60s about a young woman (played by Amber Heard) who wakes up in a mental ward with no idea how she got there, and no memory of her life. As she begins to piece together events, she realizes she’s in grave danger from something haunting the mental hospital.

ARC Entertainment is releasing The Ward in theaters in New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Miami, Chicago, New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis and Boston. It has been available on VOD since June 8, and the film may expand to more theaters after it opens. The Ward will also be released later this summer on DVD/Blu-Ray.

Check out the trailer below