John McClane Refuses To Die, Heads To Tokyo For Die Hard 6


You know I love Bruce Willis. You know that he is, in fact, the greatest contemporary badass known to man. You also know that A Good Day To Die Hard was … not the best of the franchise. But it did really well, particularly at the international box office, so the announcement that Fox is preparing for a Die Hard 6 – to be entitled Die Hardest – is probably the least surprising news ever.

Bruce Willis has already given us the heads-up about Die Hard 6. Now Fox has a new writer in the form of Ben Trebilcook, and he’s the one working on Die Hard 6 (Die Hardest), calling it ‘a very plausible storyline.’ Well, that’s certainly what I expect from my Die Hard films: plausibility. Trebilcook has exactly two credits as a writer on IMDb: something called Deader Country and a film in pre-production called Knockout. He also worked on some earlier versions of Die Hard 4 and Mission Impossible: 3. I am not feeling terribly optimistic here.

The action for Die Hard 6 will take place in Tokyo this time, because – why not? Might as well destroy that city too. At what point will John McClane’s jurisdiction as a cop run out, I wonder? The dude is not a secret agent.

There’s no word on whether or not Willis will sign off on this one, but chances are that he will. Die Hard is an iconic franchise and the money continues to be good, despite the rapidly descending quality of the films. Perhaps Jai Courtney will be back. Maybe the whole McClane clan will get into the action on this one.  The sky’s the limit!

I’m being facetious, but it’s early days yet on this one. Perhaps Fox and Trebilcook will come up with something really awesome. I keep hoping for a return of the Gruber clan, perhaps with someone like Benedict Cumberbatch or Ben Whishaw as the younger brother of Hans and Simon. Would that not be awesome? But that, I fear, is a pipe-dream.

What do you think of the return of John McClane for Die Hard 6? Has the series officially reached over-saturation? Does anyone at Fox really care? Let us know in the comments.

Source: The Playlist