Ten Of Bruce Willis’s Most Awesomely Badass Moments

We all know that Bruce Willis is a badass. Even in Moonlighting, he was a badass.  Hell, when he did the voice of that baby opposite John Travolta? Even THEN he was a badass. He was a badass when he was just being Bruce, a badass when he was playing a character, a badass even when the role did not demand badassery.

Bruce Willis’s badass credentials did not really get going until a certain film about the difficulty of human expiration came out in 1988, at which point all the amalgamated badassness he had been storing up since he was a small child burst upon the screen. And it’s been pretty much uphill ever since. He’s played badasses who time traveled, badasses who saved the world, badasses who saved small children, badasses who became superheroes, badasses who never wanted to be superheroes, badasses who did the right thing even when it meant his own death.

He’s also worked with many great fellow badasses like Arnold Schwartzenegger, Samuel L. Jackson, Alan Rickman, Jeremy Irons, Sylvester Stallone, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, Ving Rhames, and John Malkovich. He has educated the next generation of badasses in the ways of badassery. Basically, Bruce Willis one badass mutha.

With A Good Day To Die Hard coming out on that most auspicious of days – Valentine’s Day – we thought it a good idea to recall the sheer badassedness of this most badass of individuals in some of his selected badass moments across his badass career. Badass? Yup.

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