It’s John Wick Vs. Tyler Rake In This Awesome Extraction Fan Art


One’s a gruff one-man-army capable of leveling an entire city in his pursuit of justice, the other’s John Wick, who is essentially the living incarnation of the Boogeyman – no, wait, that’s not right; John’s the man you send to kill the f**king Boogeyman.

But we digress. With the Chris Hemsworth-starring Extraction topping Netflix charts all over the globe, renowned concept artist BossLogic has rendered a new piece that imagines a face-off between Tyler Rake (Hemsworth) and the inimitable Wick.

It’s a part of BossLogic’s ongoing Multiversus series, which pits the greatest fictional characters against one another, regardless of franchise lines. Some of the standouts include Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool going toe-to-toe with Green Lantern, but this past weekend, BossLogic brought the focus straight up to the present day – to current Netflix sensation Extraction, and placed Tyler Rake on the warpath with Baba Yaga John Wick.

John Wick vs. Tyler Rake kinda’ has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Two action heroes cut from the same cloth, and with equally ridiculous names.

Each character still has much to look forward to, as well, what with John Wick: Chapter 4 on the cards and a possible continuation of Extraction being discussed at Netflix HQ. In fact, as we reported earlier today, both writer-producer Joe Russo and director Sam Hargrave have openly discussed the possibility of continuing the story of Extraction – be it a prequel or straight-up sequel. Hargrave, for instance, is the first to admit that there’s still “a lot of potential” for another story. Which is to say that Extraction‘s ambiguous ending left viewers itching to know more.

Given its blistering success, we wouldn’t be too surprised if Netflix officially announces a sequel in the coming weeks.