Johnny Blaze Is Reportedly Kevin Feige’s Top Choice For Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider

It’s yet to be officially confirmed, but all the signs are pointing to Ghost Rider returning to the MCU. With Blade on the way, Marvel is clearly interested in diving into the darker, supernatural side of the universe, and they couldn’t do that without tackling the Spirit of Vengeance. But the question is: which version of the skull-faced hero are they going to introduce first?

Recently, Giant Freakin Robot reported that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Gabriel Luna could be returning as Robbie Reyes in the future of the franchise. Geekosity has reached out to its own sources to corroborate this and were told that, yes, Feige is considering bringing back Luna’s Reyes somewhere. However, the outlet’s own intel says that Johnny Blaze is the Marvel president’s top choice for the MCU’s Ghost Rider.

Blaze is the original and most famous incarnation of the character. Nicolas Cage played him in two outings for Sony – 2007’s Ghost Rider and its sequel, 2011’s Spirit of Vengeance. Neither are great movies, to say the least, though they have gained a kind of cult status over the years. With the multiverse opening up, you might wonder whether Cage could return as his Blaze in the MCU. However, it’s most likely that Feige will want to start from scratch.

As previously reported, Geekosity is maintaining that Blaze’s Ghost Rider will appear in the planned Midnight Sons team-up project that will unite him with other occult heroes like Blade, Moon Knight and Werewolf By Night. We don’t know who could play him, but you’d have to imagine Marvel is at least thinking about hiring Norman Reedus, after The Walking Dead star’s long-running campaign to land the part.

In short, Luna could still show up again as Reyes, likely in a limited capacity, but Johnny Blaze will reportedly be the MCU’s resident Ghost Rider when he finally rides into the franchise on his motorcycle.

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