Johnny Depp Reportedly Still Chasing Major Studio Roles


Amid a flurry of rumors that major studios are turning their back on Johnny Depp after his loss in court last year, it seems that the actor is still chasing blockbuster movie roles and asking Hollywood moguls to keep watching his trials against Amber Heard.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star and his then-wife originally were separated in 2016 after a lengthy and messy court feud, but when a British publication ran a scandalous editorial in 2018 calling Depp a “wife-beater,” the American thespian decided to fight back and launch several lawsuits against Heard and the outlet. This all culminated in the respective parties’ attorneys going toe-to-toe a couple of months ago in the UK court, with the final verdict being in favor of the newsgroup.

As a direct result of this, Warner Bros. fired Depp from the third installment of the Fantastic Beasts film franchise, and since then, we’ve heard reports that the actor is having a difficult time bagging new roles. At least, in major studio productions.

Currently, Depp’s lawyers are planning to appeal the verdict, and a hearing is scheduled for March. Additionally, the Aquaman actress and her former flame will butt heads in the US district court as part of the latter’s defamation lawsuit, so all’s not lost for the actor just yet. In fact, according to a report by insider Daniel Richtman, he’s still chasing big roles and asking studio execs to keep watching his trials, in the hope that the ruling will be different this time.

“Depp still trying to get major studio roles,” says the tipster. “Telling studios to watch future trials and keep the door open.”

If Johnny Depp indeed manages to turn this situation around, then there’s hope that he’ll be able to salvage his career and maybe even return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, though a reinstatement as Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 3 is certainly too far-fetched now that Mads Mikkelsen has taken over the role of the sinister wizard.

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