Join The Dark Side: 6 Reasons We Love To Hate Star Wars Villains


If the contemporary pop culture zeitgeist has taught us anything, we can all agree that – sometimes – it’s good to be bad. From Breaking Bad to Bates Motel, from Dexter to Despicable Me, from Maleficent to Megamind; there’s been a prevailing obsession with villains recently that has taken audience mindshare by storm. To say that the Star Wars franchise respects, honours and helps fuel our reverence for the good ol’ baddies, well frankly, that would be a huge understatement.

I’m pretty sure if you stopped anyone in the street and asked them to reel off three names of iconic villains, at least one evildoer from the Star Wars universe would be bound to crop up; the series is inexplicably linked to the “dark” side of our cinematic subconscious. Simply put, few movies do bad guys quite as awesomely as the Star Wars series.

So, come join us as we dive into six reasons why it’s okay to have a big soft spot for those pesky villains in Star Wars. Just make sure to bring your coolest bad guy costume (Vader, obviously) and to leave those silly midichlorians at home…