The Jokerverse May Be Introducing Its Own Robin


The Jokerverse is shaping up to be an intriguing addition to DC’s movie roster, with pictures based in the same world as Joker reportedly set to introduce a new Batman as well many other alternate versions of familiar characters. According to our sources though – the same ones who told us Diana will get her golden eagle armor in Wonder Woman: 1984 and Transformers is being rebooted – WB want the Jokerverse to have its own Robin as well.

Given that the Jokerverse is set to be a darker, more realistic take on the Dark Knight and Gotham City, the studio reportedly want to make this version of Robin separate from the character that might appear in The Batman series. And while we should stress that this is just something being discussed right now and nothing is set in stone until there’s a script, it certainly makes sense that we’d get a different kind of Robin, with our sources telling us that this take will include more of the character’s tragic past.

On-screen depictions of Robin have varied considerably over the years, with Chris O’Donnell’s version in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin not being fondly remembered. We’ve also had Burt Ward’s Dick Grayson in the 1960s Batman show (and more recently in “Crisis on Infinite Earths”), as well as an older Grayson in Titans. It may be safe to assume that the first Robin introduced in the Jokerverse will be Grayson, but it’s also possible that we’ll get the nominally grittier Jason Todd, given the character’s relationship to the Joker.

In addition, there may be a longer wait for Robin to show up in The Batman franchise, due to the first film, at least, exploring the Dark Knight at an earlier stage of his career than recent incarnations. As with all things Jokerverse, there does seem to be a lot of ideas floating around that might not make it into reality as well, but we’d certainly be intrigued to see how Dick Grayson or another Robin could tie into the world established in Joker.