Jurassic World: Dominion Producer Says It Won’t End The Franchise


Jurassic World: Dominion will close the second trilogy of the dino-sized franchise in style as contemporary stars Chris Pratt (Owen Grady) and Bryce Dallas Howard (Claire Dearing) will be joined by original franchise leads Sam Neill (Alan Grant), Laura Dern (Ellie Satler) and Jeff Goldblum (Ian Malcolm). With both casts colliding, it feels like Dominion could act as a grand finale for the series, then. But nope, this apparently isn’t the case at all.

Collider caught up with Jurassic producer Frank Marshall and asked him if JW3 served as an end of an era. Marshall gave what’s described as an effusive “no” before promising that it’s actually “the start of a new era.” He then went on to tease the “new normal” of the Jurassic universe following the shock ending of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: 

“The dinosaurs are now on the mainland amongst us, and they will be for quite some time, I hope.”

Marshall’s comments echo ones he’s made before in which he stressed that the franchise isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it seems like the studio deliberately pulled that twist in Fallen Kingdom as a way of expanding the universe in bold new ways. We’re already starting to see the beginnings of their plans, too, with Netflix’s animated series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceousthough this is set concurrently with the first World film.

There have yet to be any official announcements about where things could go next after Dominion, but we’ve heard in the past that JW4 is definitely being developed, perhaps leading to a third trilogy, with Pratt and Howard potentially returning. There’s also set to be a live-action TV series that’ll connect up with the movies.

As for Jurassic World: Dominionthat’s headed back into production in the UK. So far, the threequel’s been able to avoid a pandemic-related delay to its release date, so it’s still due to roar into theaters on June 11th, 2021.