Justice League 2 Fan Poster Gets Zack Snyder’s Band Back Together

Justice League

It may have taken a whole lot longer than any of us could have anticipated, but after a relentless two and a half year fan campaign, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is finally happening and heading exclusively to HBO Max.

Even before the recent whirlwind of announcements surrounding the future of the DCEU, the direction the franchise is now headed in already looked entirely different from how things were originally mapped out during Snyder’s time as the creative driving force behind the interconnected superhero series. The filmmaker had a five-movie arc in mind for the Justice League, and a second outing for the all-star team was set to arrive in theaters after Ben Affleck’s The Batman.

Given that Michael Keaton is returning to play Bruce Wayne in The Flash, all bets are off for what happens next in the DCEU, and there have already been rumors that if the Snyder Cut turns out to be the massive success that Warner Bros. are assuming it will be, then Snyder may be offered the opportunity to take advantage of the introduction of the multiverse and make a Justice League sequel.

With Henry Cavill recently extending his contract and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg set to come back in from the cold in The Flash, along with increased speculation that Affleck might also be rejoining the party, we could soon see the original lineup of the team back under the same roof for the first time since Joss Whedon called a wrap on his extensive reshoots.

In fact, a new fan poster from Psychoboz imagines a potential Justice League sequel that gets the band back together and puts Aquaman front-and-center, and you can check it out for yourself down below.

This time last year, the idea of Zack Snyder making a Justice League sequel seemed a lot more far-fetched than the idea of the Snyder Cut actually happening, but the number of bombshells getting dropped in the DCEU recently means that it can’t be completely ruled out, with all bets now well and truly off when it comes to the franchise’s next steps.