Everything You Need To Know About Justice League


Currently, in the world of theatrical film, we are awash with superheroes. It is virtually impossible to pay a visit to the local multiplex without being bombarded with the latest marketing scheme for the next comic book adaptation. These characters, it seems, are practically queuing up to impress us with their amazing feats and remarkable prowess, and there is no sign that anyone intends to stem the flow any time soon. If anything, that tide is rising.

Thankfully, we are on the cusp of a second, re-invigorated era of comic book movies. This tsunami – triggered in 2008 by the seismic cinematic event that was Marvel’s Iron Man – is about to deliver a second wave that includes the making of breathtaking history, and the inclusion of actual women.


Triumphantly surfing this crest into shore is Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, which will not only feature the first ever live-action appearance of DC’s ‘Big Three’ – the Man of Steel, The Dark Knight and Wonder Woman – but will also pave the cinematic way for the most significant superhero team ever created: Justice League.

For many reasons, Justice League is relatively little-known outside of comic book fandom, beyond the fact that it’s a superhero team that involves the Trinity. In this respect, setting the next DC movie up as a gateway to a Justice League franchise is a smart move. Undoubtedly, the Warner Bros. marketing department will have a number of grand schemes planned to whet the appetites of moviegoers around the world, but those strategies will inevitably fall short on a concept so steeped in creativity and history.

While a prior knowledge of the team will not be necessary to ensure audience enjoyment of Zack Snyder’s future epics, it is a fascinating thing to dip into, and allows an appreciation of filmmaking that is attempting to do justice to Justice League.

Here, then, is an introduction to the superhero team that continues to make history.